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In Hindsight

Looking back on the last year for me there has been a somewhat constant conflict between deontological ethics and consequentialism both within the Guild and for decisions in Redbrick. That is the conflict between doing what you believe to be right irrespective of the outcome, and acting with the sole intent of achieving a specific […]

Directing the Crowd

Getting a group of people to act in unison can be an impossible challenge, both theoretically and practically. The diversity, complexity and quantity of people who interact in the crowds can turn the most simple question into a statistical problem that could never be definitively answered. In many cases there is no way that you […]

Vacuous Guild Beliefs

Democracy is not a binary state. I would even go as far to suggest that creating a democracy in its purest form, giving an entire population an equal say and control over its own governance, is an im- possible theoretical and practical challenge. I believe that a democ- racy is a concept that a body […]

The importance of an open platform

The shifts in the ability to communicate information with greater effectiveness, reach and quality almost always break down the barriers to access. There are countless examples of them, spanning from printing books in vernacular languages to the creation of the internet by Tim Berners-Lee. One recent advancement has been the ability to access the internet […]

Recent Redbrick contributions

Aside from editorial, I have done a few things for the paper in terms of content since term started. Thought I would upload some of them here as well. Freshers Week Flyer This is what we distributed during Freshers week, and was the start of our ‘Join Redbrick’ campaign. As you can see, the flyer […]

Handling the truth

Last week the world witnessed a tyrant come to a bloody end on a global stage. Gaddafi’s death was probably fitting given the nature of the riots that saw him ousted from power, and his departure from politics will undoubtedly be celebrated by many. The news of his demise should have been received with a […]

A Busy Start…

The last two weeks have been the busiest I have experienced in my one and a half years at Redbrick. Preparation for Freshers’ Week, a nomination in the Guardian Media Awards, launching a ‘Join Us’ recruitment campaign, and fitting in coverage on Edd Bauer’s arrest somewhere in between. The last of that list is probably […]

98 hours of coverage

Two weeks ago the number of page views on Redbrick’s website jumped from receiving one pageview every 190 seconds to 2.2 pageviews a second. An increase of 42,100% in the space of an hour. Perhaps more surprising is that the hits were not just from local readers, the audience became more international. This post isn’t supposed to […]

University life is what you choose it to be

While the degree should always come first, a substantial part of what often fills the time of many students at university is student groups. Given the variety  of activities provided by groups in the Guild of Students I have found that the university experience is what you choose to it to be. Some students partake in […]

Why innovation is key for Redbrick

In 1965 Gordon Moore hypothesised that the number of transistors placed on a circuit would double every two years; leading to long term exponential growth in computing capability. Not only has ‘Moore’s law’ since been proven, but its impact upon the world around us has been just as great as the audacity of such a […]