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University life is what you choose it to be

While the degree should always come first, a substantial part of what often fills the time of many students at university is student groups. Given the variety  of activities provided by groups in the Guild of Students I have found that the university experience is what you choose to it to be.

Some students partake in sport, some in student politics, some in media, others in specialist activities- there are countless examples.

I also don’t think it can really be said that your experience will be set in stone once you have signed up a to whole series of groups. While much of my time is now taken up by Redbrick, I spent much of my first year taking part in debating, and also tried out American football. The diversity of experiences on offer, for me, has been what university is about.

I should imagine that a large component of what university you choose to apply to will be grades and what course is best for you, though I think that the array of opportunities available to you once you get there should also be a factor.

Finally, my advice to anyone who is starting out at university is to get involved. Irrelevant of where you are, it is a rare thing to be able to play for a sports team, debate on a big stage, play for a band or get your name into print. Don’t miss it.


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  1. Going to university is a new and an exciting experience, but your choice may cost you a lot. I spent my high school years studying to enter one of the prestigious universities in Turkey and I chose Bilkent, but now I feel so stressed. I can’t stop thinking about my decision. If I hadn’t chosen Bilkent University, I wouldn’t feel so stressed now. The exams, especially COPE, make me uneasy. Other than the exams, dormitory life was like a nightmare in the first semester. My roommates were rude and they made a lot of noise while I was sleeping. So, I left the dorm and rented an apartment in Bilkent. Now, I pay 1100 TL monthly just for the rent and I can’t spend much money on other things like shopping, going to concerts, or eating in a fancy restaurant. If I hadn’t left the dormitory, I wouldn’t pay that amount just for the rent now and I could spend money on other things. Well, life in university can be tough !

    Posted by Nazr Mohammed | May 28, 2012, 7:47 pm

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