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MP Lorely Burt defends coalition

Last Thursday Lorely Burt, Liberal Democrat MP for Solihull, visited the University of Birmingham to talk about the formation of the coalition and how its policy for tuition fees had been put together. Ms. Burt emphasised that there was a connection between the coalition agreement that was formed and the Government’s policies, including those for higher education.

The formulation of the policy for tuition fees was heralded by the MP as a policy that had been improved by the Liberal Democrats, against the odds, from the Browne Review. Her justification for the shift from the party’s original stance was that the coalition agreement did not give way to the Lib Dems policy on tuition fees. The only way that she felt that the party could look to further help students at this stage is in future policy decisions.

Lorely Burt has since abstained on the vote held in Parliament last Thursday. She pressed that for the coalition to remain a strong Government there must be a trust between the Tory party and the Liberal Democrats; hinting that a failure to pass through Thursday’s vote could break it.

As the Liberal Democrats only won 57 seats, Lorely ‘couldn’t believe’ that a party so small got so many of their party’s policies into the initial coalition agreement; such as an increase in the tax threshold and a pupil premium of £2.5 billion.

Lorely did acknowledge that there could be strained relations within the coalition as they headed towards election. She did, however, state that as that time approaches the coalition would seek further advice from Europe in regards to providing a united government while campaigning.


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