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Ed Miliband snatches Labour leadership

Ed Miliband was announced as the Leader of the Opposition at the Labour Conference in Manchester on Saturday, after he defeated his older brother David, by 1.3 per cent of the vote in the fourth round.

The announcement is commonly thought to have shifted the political landscape towards the left, after a strong union backing.

Mr. Miliband’s victory could impact students in a big way, through being an opponent to student fees and university debt after stating: ‘we scrap tuition fees and replace them with a graduate tax’.

Lord Browne’s review on student financing is due to come out this autumn, and the Spending Review is likely to see a paradigm shift in the current system.

Dan Joplin, a student at the University of Birmingham believes that Ed Miliband’s election puts the Conservatives into a ‘pretty strong position’.

With regards to Graduate Tax, Mr. Joplin stated: ‘It’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.’

He added, ‘Labour is the one that put forward that 50% of people to go to University. Not everyone is made to go to university or wants to go to university. So why would you punish those who are willing to advance with their careers and their lives?’

Tom Walters, a Labour supporter, was equally unimpressed: ‘The Party’s choice of Ed Miliband as leader could only be made more disastrous if by some miracle Diane Abbott had won the position – gone are all of Labour’s electoral prospects possibly for a generation.’

On the other hand, Brigid Jones, former Vice President for Education and Access felt that: ‘David [Miliband] would not have been able to unite the party as well as Ed could do.’

Listen to Dan Joplin’s view here.

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