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A Busy Start…

The last two weeks have been the busiest I have experienced in my one and a half years at Redbrick. Preparation for Freshers’ Week, a nomination in the Guardian Media Awards, launching a ‘Join Us’ recruitment campaign, and fitting in coverage on Edd Bauer’s arrest somewhere in between.

The last of that list is probably one of the largest pieces of news to hit campus since the Prime Minister’s debate in 2010, and we will continue to provide the best coverage we can on the topic. Nonetheless, we must consider the trial that is due to take place later this month, and Redbrick must avoid publishing any material which might prejudice the outcome of that trial and amount to a contempt of court.

As a result, this issue will only report the events as we have done on our website, we will publish key information but remain completely impartial in our analysis of it. There will be no coverage from Comment & Features on the topic in the immediate future. We do, however, hope to cover the debate that has arisen in greater depth once we are more able to do so.

On a lighter note, this summer has been one of the most succesful that Redbrick has ever had – the Birmingham riots coverage was the centre-piece of this.

Viewed by over 40,000 people on the first night alone, Redbrick‘s website totalled around 190,000 page views over a few days. Our website received congratulations from Ones To Watch media, Journalism.co.uk, the Guardian as well as contributing to two great achievements: Student publication of the month and our shortlist in the upcoming Guardian Media Awards for Website of the Year.

I personally believe that our success online reflects the continous shift from print to online content within Redbrick and the media industry as a whole.

If the last safe bastian of print’s tactile nature becomes overcome by the fast growing tablet market, then it may become increasingly difficult to justify journalism on any other medium than online.

Print’s days are numbered, and they are fewer than we may think.


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