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Sources of University income for the last five years

This graph shows the change in the sources of income for the University over the last five academic years. The largest source of income is from grants from Funding Councils HEFCE and TDA. This, for the most part, represents the income from British tax income, which is due to fall as the coalition’s austerity measures […]

Students enraged by substandard letting agent

Selly Oak letting agency Rooms4every1, trading as Gentle Properties Limited, has been suspended from their accreditation with the MLAS (Midland Landlord Association Scheme), Redbrick has learned. Several University of Birmingham students had experienced issues surrounding property maintenance and deposits. Erasmus student, Thibault Deblache, had £317.98 of a £520 deposit withheld by his landlord; one of […]

MP Lorely Burt defends coalition

Last Thursday Lorely Burt, Liberal Democrat MP for Solihull, visited the University of Birmingham to talk about the formation of the coalition and how its policy for tuition fees had been put together. Ms. Burt emphasised that there was a connection between the coalition agreement that was formed and the Government’s policies, including those for higher education. The formulation of the policy for tuition fees was heralded […]

Denham: Labour will vote against an increase in fees

Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, John Denham, visited the University of Birmingham on Wednesday, stating that his party would vote against the Government’s proposed rise in tuition fees. Mr. Denham pushed forward Labour’s ‘realistic view’ of not placing a large portion of the burden to fund universities upon students, even in […]

Preliminary RA expense figures reveal £5,000 black hole

Preliminary figures of the Resident Association’s expenses for the previous academic year have been made available to the public this week, highlighting more than £5,000 of unaccounted transactions across the board. The figures demonstrate the first glimpses of the improvements made since the new financial system implemented by Ed Sparkes, the former Vice President of […]

Crime in Selly Oak: what can be done?

As crime rates are rising in the area, what can students do to prevent themselves from becoming a victim? Jonny Kirby, the Vice President for Housing and Community began by stating that ‘Selly Oak has three times the regional rate of burglary. Unfortunately, if you come to the University of Birmingham 1 in 3 of […]

Vice Chancellor: Browne Review — ‘the best & only way’

After the release of the Lord Browne report the Vice Chancellor David Eastwood wrote a letter to the students of the University pressing the need for higher education to implement their suggestions. The letter is available in full below: Dear Student Over the next few days you will no doubt hear in the media about […]

The Browne Review explained

The Browne review on higher education funding is due to be announced tomorrow. Judith Hawkins explains what the outcome of this could mean for students. Q: What exactly is the Browne review? A: Launched last November, the Browne review is officially known as the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance. Led by former […]

Ed Miliband snatches Labour leadership

Ed Miliband was announced as the Leader of the Opposition at the Labour Conference in Manchester on Saturday, after he defeated his older brother David, by 1.3 per cent of the vote in the fourth round. The announcement is commonly thought to have shifted the political landscape towards the left, after a strong union backing. […]

Emergency Budget sees a 2.5% increase in VAT

Today, the new coalition Government announced their first budget that has set the tone for the next five years of economic governance within the UK, leading with a 2.5 per cent increase in VAT. This comes at a time when the UK’s structural deficit looks to be the highest of all the 27 European states […]