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Recent Redbrick contributions

Aside from editorial, I have done a few things for the paper in terms of content since term started. Thought I would upload some of them here as well.

Freshers Week Flyer
This is what we distributed during Freshers week, and was the start of our ‘Join Redbrick’ campaign. As you can see, the flyer wasn’t just about getting involved in Redbrick but also creating a bit of awareness for the paper as a whole. (Both Beth Richardson and Chris Hutchinson should be thanked here for making a couple of great suggestions and noticing/correcting a couple of errors).

I’ve recently started to use photoshop more to do stats as opposed to excel. There are two reasons for this, one is the greater flexibility when it comes to be a little creative, another is that you can still be very accurate (these are all accurate to the pixel). We have started doing this throughout the paper.James Brilliant will probably want a nod here, who suggested the layout of the circles for female applicants (source UCAS) 


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