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Ed Miliband snatches Labour leadership

Ed Miliband was announced as the Leader of the Opposition at the Labour Conference in Manchester on Saturday, after he defeated his older brother David, by 1.3 per cent of the vote in the fourth round. The announcement is commonly thought to have shifted the political landscape towards the left, after a strong union backing. […]

Emergency Budget sees a 2.5% increase in VAT

Today, the new coalition Government announced their first budget that has set the tone for the next five years of economic governance within the UK, leading with a 2.5 per cent increase in VAT. This comes at a time when the UK’s structural deficit looks to be the highest of all the 27 European states […]

University and Guild look to revise ‘Critical Incident’ Procedure after tough year

By the start of the next academic year the University is looking to perform a review of its student critical incident process services following an unfortunately eventful year. The Spring Term of this academic year saw two ‘critical incidents’ – a student suicide at Hunter Court and a second ‘critical incident’ at Mason. There has […]

Aitken to Mix Undergrads and Postgrads

HOUSING and Accommodation Services (HAS) has amended its decision to make Aitken Wing in the Vale Village entirely post-graduate next year. The new decision opts for a split between undergraduates and postgraduates (with block A remaining undergraduate). HAS will also use Chelwood accommodation to help handle the new population of students. This came after weeks […]

Halls fees: How does Birmingham compare?

AS applications open for 2010-11 places for University of Birmingham accommodation, the average cost of the options available to students stands at £130 per week – £113 when weighted against the number of rooms provided. That is higher than student accommodation provided by Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Aston and UCL by as much as £26 (£1092 […]

Secondary school teachers should have studied at leading universities.

Secondary schools should employ more teachers that studied at leading universities, claims former Labour minister Lord Adonis. In recent comments at the Independent Academies Association conference in London, Lord Adonis, now Executive Director of the Institute for Government, argued that there needs to be an increase in the number of teachers that studied at Oxbridge […]