mg006I’m currently a developer living in London, coding in R and Java having graduated from UCL and the University of Birmingham with an MSc in Economics. I’ve interned at the Guardian having come runner up for Student Data Interactive Journalist in the 2013 Student Guardian Media awards. Always been interested in the intersection between statistics, economics, computer science and journalism.

I was the Head Editor of the University’s student newspaper Redbrick for the academic year 2011-2012. Between 2007 and 2012 I was a part of a publication of some sort, having been a contributor, section editor and head editor for two student newspapers.

This websites includes some of my contributions to Redbrick (mostly editorial), a datablog and a selection of my best photographs. The latter two of the three is put together in my free time.

Contact: glen.moutrie@gmail.com, @gmoutrie (Twitter)

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